The Five Cities to Visit Before You Die

Out of all the places you have seen in the world as a full-time traveller, “where is your favourite place?” is a question that you are not able to answer with precision. Therefore, We at TravelWideFlightsUK, present to you a list of “5 Cities to Visit Before You Die”. We will be covering, in this article, the best and most astounding cities, hotels, towns, experiences, and everything travel related to make your bucket list complete. These cities and places will surely provide you with an amazing insight into the wonderful and enigmatic beauty that the world is encompassing. The must visits sites in the world include:

1. Rio de Janeiro
Colourful in every sense of the word, the Brazilian capital city of Rio De Janeiro is a party city regardless of the day of the week or hour in the day. The city also has hands-down one of the most mesmerising sunsets you will ever experience in a life time. Providing an amazing an exceptional experience, the city is also situated on top of Sugarloaf Mountain, adding to its awe and splendour.

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2. Vancouver
The Canadian city of Vancouver is a strong contender for the coolest city in entire Canada. A list of many hit TV shows and movies are filmed in this part of the world. Therefore, you should be able to find plenty of inspiration while visiting this beautiful destination. Also, Gas town is arguably where the site is at But seriously, this is one city stopover that cannot be beaten.

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3. Cape Town
Situated back in the South Africa, the city of Cape Town captures hearts like it is nobodies business. The iconoclastic city of Cape Town is known to have a famous colonial harbour front with an amazing Table Cape backdrop. The city has a reputation for up and coming boutiques, designers, coffee shops and more. Furthermore, Cape Town is also a great base to explore the more romantic side to South Africa, with the Cape Wine lands just a short drive away and the impressive peninsula waiting to be explored.

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4. Marrakesh
The North African city of Marrakesh is known as an astounding destination of the world. With a unique culture unlike any other, the smells, sights and sounds of Morocco are best on display in Marrakesh, where the hustle and bustle of travellers and locals collide. Be sure to grab yourself a freshly squeezed orange juice from the Medina, before making your way inside the Souks.

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5. Melbourne

Melbourne is an all-time favourite destination with massive scope for enjoyment and relaxation as well as exploration. The city is my personal favourite and an exceptional place to visit. Melbourne is a city that should not be missed off any first-time traveller’s visit to Oz. Not only does Melbourne have the best coffee in the, but it also has a great cultural appreciation for great coffee, food and the atmosphere in which it is enjoyed.

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