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Situated off the region of East Africa, in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago of Seychelles comprises of 115 islands offering an amazing and diverse tourism experience with a range of exotic beaches, high-class resorts, and tremendous parks. The destination is a perfect combination of natural and sophisticated beauty aligned together on a set of luxurious island scattered in the deep blue ocean.

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Also, The coral reefs and nature reserves on the island are just a mere glimpse of the holistic beauty offered by the destination. Furthermore, the island is also known to have some of the rarest animal species on the entire planet. For instance, the giant Aldabra tortoises are known to be a specialty in the country.

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The capital city is Victoria, situated on the famous island of Mahé. The island is known as a popular hub for visiting the other island of the beautiful archipelago. The island is also home to the renowned Morne Seychellois National Park encompassing the enormous mountain rainforests of the land and an exotic wildlife. Moreover, parks such as the Sainte Anne Marine National Park is another such attraction situated on the Moyenne Island known for its turtles and reefs. Famous beaches of Seychelles include the AnseTakamaka, Beau Vallon, and Aride Island.

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