The Best Nations of Africa

The land of Africa is an excellent destination to experience the historic and natural wonders of the worlds. Legend has it that the very first human beings that were evolved millions of years ago, they were actually a product of the evolution taking place on the land of Africa. From there, our ancestors traveled to other parts of the world and expansion occurred. Therefore, the land of Africa is the best place to visit and explore. We at TravelWideFlights bring to you some of the best countries serving as a paragon of the African culture and history. The following countries are a must visit if you are planning to spend your time in Africa.

1. Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is a very exciting place to visit in the continent of Africa. The Capital of the country is Harare which is located in the north-east. It is a beautiful city with some very famous landmarks and beautiful places for amusement. Moreover, ancient musical instruments and jewelry is also present from antiquity. The country also entails a list of rare plants and habitation that illuminates the northern part of Harare. The Tawala Trust Sanctuary for Animals is home to a number of species like Lions, monkeys and Zebras. Furthermore, a variety of wildlife including Rhinos, Giraffes, and different kinds of birds are also present in the country at different locations. TravelWideFlights is offering cheap flight deals to Harare. Other cities include Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

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2. Nigeria
Nigeria is located in the West African region. The country offers a number of destinations to visit and discover. The unique mixture of Islam and Christianity in Nigeria also translates itself in the traditional attires and the overall food of the land. The country encompasses a range of historic and natural destinations. National Mosque of Abuja is the place to visit if you are looking to discover the miscellaneous architecture and Heritage. TravelWideFlights is providing Cheap Flights Tickets to Abuja and also to the other Nigerian Cities such as Lagos, Enugu, Benin City, and Kaduna etc. These cities are also promising tourist destinations.

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3. Egypt
Egypt is an amazing destination encompassing the oldest and richest of cultures. Our clients traveling to Egypt can expect a distinct experience as the monuments and landmarks present in the country narrate a story of the amazing ancient era. The Egyptian pyramids are considered as one of the wonders of the world. Therefore, the guests can expect an experience that will enliven their moods. Cairo is the Capital of Egypt and is home to the most ancient temples and pyramids. It is located near the River Nile and encompasses a variety of places worth visiting which includes Museums and artifacts. Mummies are a source of amusement for the tourists coming from all around the world.We are offering economical flight fares to Cairo and other popular cities such as Alexandria, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Luxor.


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