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As we all know that India is quite traditional and orthodox in its traditions and culture. Situated in South Asia, the country is known to be an exquisite destination for experiencing the monumental history of the region and the ruins of the great civilization that were once the part and parcel of the nation’s-history. The temples, tombs, mosques, and other sites are held in high regard by the people of the country and provide the visitors with an amusing and inspirational experience. We at TravelWideFlights are listing some of the country’s most historic and monumental destination for you to witness.

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1. Amritsar
The city of Amritsar is in the Punjab province of the Northwestern India. The city is amongst the most sacred cities for the Sikh community of the country. Amritsar has a range of gurdwaras and temples. The most eminent of the temples is the Golden temple. The temple is associated with the Harmandir Sahib and is regarded to be the holiest site of the Sikh religion. The temple is visited by many visitors from around the world because of its glorious and dazzling beauty. Near to the temple, a range of beautiful destination lie in the city that is sure to fill your journey with delight. Amritsar gives the visitors a chance to explore the monumental heritage of the country with an emphasis on the culture and traditions of the Sikh religion and culture.

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2. Delhi
Delhi is the legislative capital of India. Situated in the northern part of the country, the city projects a fascinating blend of traditional as well as modern architecture. The destination provides the visitors with a diversified experience in the sense that the modern Delhi encompasses different dimensions to its infrastructure. The British manufactured buildings such as the Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the India Gate are the major monuments of the city displaying the beautiful architecture of the colonial era. The museums of the city are also quite popular. The National Museum in the city is amongst the top museums of the entire subcontinent with an amazing collection of ancient artifacts. Furthermore, the temples of the city are also visited many people throughout the year.

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3. Trivandrum
The Indian city of Trivandrum is the capital of the Kerala province in the south. The city had been subject to the British elegance and style during the colonial era which reflects in the architecture of the city. The Art galleries in the city are famous for the exquisite and unique contemporary as well as traditional handicrafts and Art pieces. The KuthiraMalika Palace is one of the most famous buildings in the city exhibiting the carved horses and different collections related to the Travancore Royal Family. As the city is on the coastline with the ocean, it also has several beautiful and exotic beaches including Shankumugham Beach, Kovalam Beach, and the Samundra Beach.

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