An Exquisite Middle Eastern Adventure

The Middle East Asia is an excellent place to live a luxurious and astounding life. The desert safaris in the most popular countries of the provide the visitors with a great deal of adventures. We are bringing you some of the most popular destinations in the Middle Eastern region and their details including the adventurous activities and leisure facilities of the place. We have also collected information regarding the famous museums and monuments of the sites.

1. Al Ain
Al Ain is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city is termed as the Garden city of U.A.E because of its glorious and beautiful palm trees and the natural springs. The Jebel Hafeet is an important mountain situated in the south of the city and home to the inspirational Bronze Age remains. Moreover, the Al Hili Archeological Park, located in the north of the city, is also visited by many people from all over the world for the purpose of exploring the ancient Arabic artifacts. Other important sites include the Central Al Ain National Museum and the Qasr Al Muwaiji. The city of Al Ain is also famous for its amazing Camel and Livestock Market situated in the suburbs of the city. The most popular destinations include the Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain Oasis, Green Mubazzarah Park, and the Murabba Heritage Fort. The city of Al Ain is set to provide you with a holistic and amazing experience.

al ain

2. Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is an amazing city situated in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the major cities of the Middle eastern country with a massive number of tourists visiting the country throughout the whole year. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque situated in the city is known as the epitome of Islamic Art and calligraphy. The mosque is an amazing and inspirational place to visit with room for over 40,000, beaches, museums, golf clubs, and marina’s. The family entertainment parks in the city are the most amazing place for you and your family to go and visit. Other popular tourist destinations worshippers. Furthermore, the Yas and Saadiyat Islands of the city encompass a range of water parks in the city include the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the Qasr al-Hosn, the Capital Gate, and the Emirates Park Zoo.

abu dhabi

3. Dubai
Dubai is considered as the commercial hub of the entire region of the Middle East and has been termed as the Global city. The city earns a massive revenue collection from its popular tourism industry. The city encompasses a wide range of tourist destinations from beaches and water parks to the most astonishing malls and building ever built. The Skyscrapers of the city are amongst the tallest ones on the entire planet. The Burj Khalifa is the most famous 160-story building with an observation deck. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the breath-taking scene of the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Al-Arab and the Dubai Mall are also amongst the popular buildings in the city. Other exciting tourist destinations in the city include the Dubai Museum, Wonderland Amusement.


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