An Inspirational Fijian Experience

Fiji is an Island country located in the north-east of New Zealand. Comprising of 330 islands, Fiji is amongst the top tourist destinations of the world. The country is subject to visits of couples and families from all over the globe. Located in the distant continent of Oceania, the country is home to a wide range of tourist attractions including clear water beaches, Marine parks, and beautiful harbors.

1. Tourist Attractions
The most popular tourist attractions in the country are Nadi, Denarau Islands, and Mamanuca Islands. The country is largely visited by the people of United Kingdom. The prime tourist destinations of the country are mainly the sandy white beaches and the dazzling islands dispersed along the oceans.


2. Stay at Fijian Resorts
The resorts of the country are some of the most luxurious ones in the entire world. The Laucala Island Resort was named amongst the top 15 world’s most beautiful island resorts by CNN. The stay at Fiji is quite economical and the country is considered as a mid-range priced holiday destination. The resorts and hotels in the country are luxurious and filled with world class resources and facilities. The remote areas of the country have witnessed the opening of some more economical and budgeted resorts making Fiji more and more economical and preferable tourist destination.

fiji resorts

3. Fijian Festivals and Traditions
The island of Fiji is known worldwide for its amazing and ecstatic festivals offering the people with jubilancy and joy. Out of the several vivacious festivals that take place in the country, the Nadian Bula Festival is an exception. The festival is celebrated in August with an entire host of amazing events. The word “Bula”, in the local language, means “Hello”. The festival is, therefore, an introduction to the people and their traditions. The festivals encompass a range of activities for the people yearning to learn more about the island country and its culture. The festival is celebrated for over a week with scrumptious food, exciting music, thrilling competitions, and other interesting events. The festivals are held at the Koroivolu Park and Prince Charles Park. The most interesting aspect of the festival is its multicultural nature. This is because the people of Fiji have diverse cultural backgrounds and the overall mixture of all the cultures gives the festival a unique taste.

fiji festival

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