Places to visit in Port Elizabeth

The places to visit in Port Elizabeth are Addo Elephant National Park, The Boardwalk, KraggaKamma Game Park, Route 67, The Donkin Reserve, South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre and Cape Recife Nature Reserve.

golf club Port Elizabeth

Sports Activities and events in Port Elizabeth:
In Port Elizabeth there are a number of Golf clubs and domestic and international Golf events do take place there. Youngsters and professional golf players do take part in these events and youngsters get a chance to play this game with highly professional players and get them trained on the professional level of golf.

sea level Port Elizabeth

Climate, Weather and Geographical things to do in Port Elizabeth:
Port Elizabeth
has a pleasant climate and weather throughout a year and for that reason the place has become the source of attraction for tourists. The city is located 60 meters above than the sea level. The climate of the city is sub-tropical. Winters are cool but there isn’t any snowfall in the winter season. There is a rainfall throughout the year but in winter season there is a heavy rainfall.


Beaches and Mountains and River in Port Elizabeth:
Beaches in Port Elizabeth are Bluewater Bay, Hobie Beach, Humewood Beach, Schoenmakerskop Beach, Pollock Beach, St Georges Strand and Swartkops River Mouth. Throughout the year these beaches remain the source of attraction for tourists. The rush of tourists slowdown in the winter season. Cockscomb mountain is the popular mountain and Sundays River is famous there.


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