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The region of Latin America is one of the planet’s most rich and culturally innovated regions with a number of exciting countries offering a blend contemporary as well as traditional infrastructure and tourist destinations. The countries are considered to be the best places for exploration and gaining inspiration that is just not available anywhere else. Furthermore, the charming beaches and fine resorts situated in various countries of the region are a delight to visit. We at TravelWideFlights have bunched up some of Latin America’s must visit destinations that are auspicious enough provide an amazing experience to the visitors. The most wonderful destinations of the region are:

1. Brazil
Brazil, Latin America’s most visited destination, is purely an enigmatic and wonderful destination.Situated in the southern hemisphere, the country is a perfect blend of inspirational as well as thrilling destinations. The tourism industry is the most popular in the country with a large number tourists from all over the world traveling to the capital, Rio de Janeiro. The capital city is one of the most exciting and flamboyant places to visit in the entire continent of South America. Furthermore, the city of São Paulo is another major destination worth witnessing. The city provides the visitors with the natural display of Brazil’s culture and traditions.


2. Cuba
The island state of Cuba is another wonderful destination known for its exotic white sandy beaches and the colossal tobacco fields. The country has a mammoth tobacco industry; Consequently, producing tons of Cigars. The capital city of the country is Havana, known for its array of pastel houses and numerous recreational attractions. The city is known to display an amazing 16th-century architecture and a number of Spanish-colonial buildings in the region of Old Havana. The famed Tropicana of the island witnesses an exciting range of Salsa music plays and cabaret shows.


3. Honduras
The Honduras is a charming country located in Latin America. The northern coastline of the country meets with the Caribbean and the Southern coastline with the Pacific. The country is known for its monumental archeological sites and ruins of the ancient civilizations that were once the part and parcel of the region. Near Guatemala, lies the exceptional tropical rainforests of Honduras featuring the historic Mayan ceremonial site, Copan. The is known to have an array of stone-carved pictographs and stelae and tall stone monuments. The country is also a part of the thousand kilometers long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and offers sites like the Bay Islands providing the tourists with an exceptional diving site. Another such destination is the Roatan, an amazing coral reef dive site with an exotic West Bay Beach.


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