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Abuja city is the capital of Nigeria. The city is located right in the middle of the country and it is included in the Federal Territory. Built mainly in the 1980's, the city became the capital of the Nigerian State in December, 1991. The city is also one of the ten most populous cities of the country and is home to a diverse culture and traditions. The major religious sites in the city are the Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian National Christian Centre.

Abuja is also referred to as one of the most fastest growing cities of the world by the United Nations. The informal or public places for tourism in the country are also known as the Bush Bars. The Bush Bars are the places where the tourists can sit together and have drinks. The bars also have a range of snacks present on the site including egusi soup, grilled catfish, and suya. Other small items are also available for purchase. These kinds of places are present everywhere in the entire city. The most beautiful destination in the city is the Millinium National Park which was designed by an architect named Manfredi Nicoletti.

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