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Accra is the capital city of Ghana. The city is also the most populous city in the entire country. As of 2012, the population of the city was estimated to be above 2.25 million. Accra has a sophisticated infrastructure and landscape. The metropolitan area of the city is quite large and the region is managed by the administration of theGreater Accra Metropolitan Area. The metropolitan area is said to be the thirteenth largest metropolitan area of the African Continent. The city is considered amongst the fastest growing cities of the African Continent. The buildings in the city are quite diverse and range from the conventional 19th century buildings to the most modern skyscrapers.

The city is home to a number of attractive tourist destinations. The tourism industry has largely developed over the past few years with developments in the tourism infrastructure and facilities for the visitors of the city. The most popular tourist destinations in the city are The Ghana Academy of Arts, the National Archives of Ghana, the National Museum of Ghana, the National Theatre, the Jamestown Lighthouse, the Ohene Djan Stadium, and the Accra Centre for National Culture.

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Glorious city of Ghana

There are many places which have been regarded as tourism attractions in the world, the one being Accra, Ghana. This ravishing Capital city of Ghana offers a lot of appealing travelling destinations that are utterly worth watching. The Ghana's most eminent city has shimmering beaches over nights, museums, libraries, monumental buildings, traditional markets, lively nightlife and a lot more that you can only imagine if you have been there once in your life so; grasp the chance to be there by cheap flights to Accra. Cheap tickets to Ghana by Travel Wide Flights will convince you to ponder about visiting this beauty. Your trip over here is utterly informative and knowledgeable as the visitations in Accra are somewhat can be said as brain with beauty; not only the attractions are rather amusing but also they can be a grandeur source of some real knowledgeable stuff. . Ethnographical, archeological, geographical and fine art objects are also displayed at many museums that are perfect to be there for history lovers. these Ethnographical galleries contain indigenous Ghanaian musical instruments, beads, traditional textiles, pottery, Asante gold weights, currency, leatherwork, chief's regalia, stools and gold weights that grab the attention of its visitors at the very first sight.
Contemporary Ghanaian paintings executed in oil pasted acrylic, water color and collages are exhibited that surely takes you to the past. It is a perfect picture spot to gather some pictures that are really worth visiting. The theatres will take you to some other world; really the world of fantasy by the great performances by the artists. The interesting fact about many theatres of Accra is that they provide a wide opportunity to the locals to unleash their talent and capabilities and also is a source of entertainment for the tourists. Not only the notable artists and performers are permit to perform here but also the place always welcome the very locals whoever wants to elicit their talents and trust me it will going to really be appreciated by the people sitting here that are only giving you there time to watch you. Good to have fun and knowledge. The marvel architecture along with the heart touching performances by some real good artists will make your day.
The food can be said one more attraction, the monuments, the natural beauty specially the mountains and hills, the libraries, the museums; all is just awesome to be there. Your trip there will be memorable one and this can be happened by the Cheap Flights to Accra given by Travel wide flights.