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Freetown is an amazing city located in Sierra Leone. Situated on the Atlantic coast of the country, the city is known to be an important cultural capital. The downtown region of the city is quite imminent and home to a majestic cotton tree, in the centre. The tree is considered to be an important symbol of freedom and it is said that it has been standing here since the first arrival of the free settlers in the city. The city is also known to feature some of the most amazing beaches and nightclubs.

The popular beaches and tourist attraction of the city include the Banana Islands Beach, Bunce Island, and the Lakka Beach. The city is also special as it hasa list of popular museums providing the visitors with an inspirational experience. The Sierra Leone museum is an exceptional stand out housing the original drum of Bai Bureh and Ruiter Stone. Located at the junction of Pademba Road and the Siaka Stevens Street, the museum is famous all across the country and visited by a mammoth number of people throughout the year. Other popular destinations of Freetown include the Hamilton Beach, Sierra Leone Peace Museum, and the Tacugama.

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