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Located on the coast of West Africa, the city of Bissau is the capital of Guinea-Bissau nation of the continent. The city is situated in proximity to the point where the country's Geba River meets the waters of Atlantic Ocean. The city is a wonderful destination home to a variety of Portuguese styled buildings from the times of the colonial era. The buildings are known as the pride of the old city center located in the heart of the city. Besides this, the city has a number of landmark buildings providing a good insight into the history of the nation. Attractions such as the Fortaleza d'Amura and the Former Presidential Palace are exquisite to stop by and explore the neo-classical façade of the city.

As the city is an important coastal destination, people usually refer it as the exceptional coastal city of the region. The city covers a variety of ethnic groups, cultures, plant and animal life.The popular museums of the city include the Bubaque Museum and the Home Museum of Amilcar Cabral. Likewise, parks of the city are also a delight to visit. Parks of Bissau are theParque Nacional das Ilhas de Orango and Parque Natural das Lagoas de Cufada. Other attractions in the city include the Pidjiguiti Monument and the Artissal.

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