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Located in the Northeastern region of the country, the city of Fortaleza is a vitalcity of Brazil and the capital of the Brazilian Ceará state. The city share a vast coastline with the sea and is home to some of the most popular beaches of the country. The popularity of the beaches lie in the beautiful range of tall palm trees, amazing red cliffs, charming dunes, and spectacular lagoons.

The city of Fortaleza is quite rich in culture and traditions. Established in the year 1910,the institute of Art Nouveau Jose de Alencar is one of the most visited places in the city carrying out different cultural dance performances and exhibiting the long-standing folkloric traditions of the country. Moreover, the Architecture of the city is quite special as it is enchanted with the traditional aroma of the Brazilian culture. The Neo-Gothic Cathedral Metropolitana is one the most famous architecture highlights in the country. Other popular destinations in the city include the Beach Park, the Coco Park, thePraia do Futuro, and the Sea Blue Village Beach Park. The city is also known for the monumental and historic buildings such as the Praca Luiza Tavora, the St. Joseph's Cathedral, and the Ponte dos Ingleses.

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