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Sao Paulo is one the most populous cities of Brazil and the entire world. The city is considered as the financial hub of the country with an amazing industrial and financial center contributing to the overall economy of the country. Sao Paulo was one of the first cities of Brazil that followed the mantra of modernization in the 1980's and in the recent decades, the city has turned up the ante in terms of production. Most importantly, the tourism industry has been subject to a great size of investment with the establishment of several amusement parks and gardens in the city.

The city has an extremely rich architectural tradition and numerous cultural institutions have been established in the city. Sao Paulo has always kept the Brazilian ideals intact and progressed through the traditional and orthodox design. The visitors can expect a modern as well as classic experience by visiting the glorious city. The most popular buildings in the city include the neo-Gothic Cathedral, Historic Martinelli Skyscrapers, and the Edificio Copan designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The Museums of the city are also famous and home to several architectures and modern art. The famous museums in the city are the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, the Museu Afro Brazil, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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