Delicious Cuisines To Taste In Gambia

There are a number of delicious cuisines that a visitor can try in Gambia.



It is very delicious dish made up of peanut soup and also butter paste is used. In addition vegetables are included in this mixture along with meat and a little bit spices. It can be taken separately but with rice it tastes best.



Such a cuisine is made up of many vegetables and it is so called a vegetable soup. In this cuisine a user can use any green vegetables and they need to be cooked altogether in water. Spinach is most recommended to be included in this cuisine as spinach contains a lot of iron and it provides necessary energy to body.



This cuisine is basically a grilled meat. Generally meat of lamb or mutton is used in its preparation. Specific sorts of spices are used in its preparation, this cuisine is a bit spicy and it is served with mustard sauce and baguette that is a form of French bread.



It is a steamed bean pudding and it is recognized as moi moi in other countries. It can be eaten with rice. It can be cooked in leaves to maintain its original taste.

Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa:

Chicken Yassa can be made with chicken or fish. Within its preparation a lot of onions are used. Moreover in order to build its special taste a person has to use lemon juice and vinegar. It is best served with boiled rice.

Ebbeh-cuisine, Ebbeh-Dish


This cuisine is made up of flaked fish and further cassava tube is used in its preparation. It is not only liked in African countries but it is liked in America as well.

Benachin Dish


Jollof rice is known as Benachin. This cuisine was originated from West Africa and in its preparation different sorts of vegetables are used including lady finger and green chili. It is served with fried fish and lemon is used to create a wonderful taste of it.

Chakery Dish


With couscous Chakery pudding is made. In its preparation cream is used and it can be used as a dessert. The cuisine tastes best when it is cold. In its preparation pineapples are used and further berries and nuts improve the taste of this cuisine.

Supakanja, Supa canja


This is delicious Gambian vegetable soup. Majorly okra is used in its preparation. Palm oil, spices, bouillon and different types of vegetables are used in its preparation. The mixture of different vegetables make it a very healthy choice for people. Even those persons who are sick can take this as well. It tastes best with rice or fufu. Pescatarians can also take this food item.

Pepper Soup, Red Pepper Soup

Pepper Soup:

For those people who love spicy soups, this is the best cuisine for them. It is very hot and spicy. It can be cooked with chicken, fish, mutton or beef. Animal proteins do add to the taste of it. It can be eaten alone or it can be eaten with rice also.


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