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Peru is one of the most adventurous destinations in the continent of South America. The country is known for its lush forest and jungles encompassing some of the world’s rare wildlife. The country is considered as an excellent place for you to explore the wilderness and animal species of South America and with it, breathe a sigh of relaxation and contentment at its beaches and resorts. The purpose of this article is to bring you some of the most amazing Peruvian towns and cities that are auspicious and promising enough to provide you with the best adventures of your life. We at TravelWideFlights are bringing some of the top cities with respect to the level of adventure they provide.

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1. Lima
Situated on the arid Pacific coast of the country, the Peruvian capital city of Lima is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire continent of South America providing the visitors with mammoth adventure. The city is considered to be amongst the most well-preserved cities with regards to its colonial architecture and archeological sites. The city is also known for the exhibition of the rich pre-Colombian Art. Lima is considered to be one of the largest metropolis cities of the entire region and is an amazing cultural center as well.The city some of the adventurous parks of the region including the Plaza San Martin, Park of the Exposition and Amor park.

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2. Arequipa
Arequipa is located in the southern part of the country and is considered to be the volcano hub of Peru. The city is home to three of the most famous Volcanos of Peru and is said to be the 2nd most popular city of the country with respect to tourism. The culture of the city is a unique mixture of the Spanish and the Mestizo culture. The Baroque buildings, made up of volcano sillar stones, are an amazing aspect of the city’s infrastructure. The central core of the city was named as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000.Other prominent tourist attractions in the city include the Duhamel Park, Zoomundo, and the Selva Alegre Park.

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3. Puerto Maldonado
Puerto Maldonado is situated in the southeastern region of the country and is also the capital city of the Mades de Dios province of Peru. The city is known as an important gateway to the southern Amazon forest. The popularity of the city is associated with the thrilling jungle trips and expeditions to the the rain forest. The central Obelisco Tower of the city is a must visit site providing the visitors with amazing views over the city and some of the most fascinating local history exhibits. The city of Puerto Maldonado is all set to provide the visitors with an auspicious and adventurous journey.

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