Tourism Places to Visit in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is the country of the West Africa that lies in the continent of Africa. As the matter of the fact, the past records and history of this country suggests that it has been the victim of the civil war which to the greater extent, diminished the prospects of the rising tourism as far as the other tourists from the other continents are concerned. Since it was in the destructive shape owing to the coups and the prevailing political instability, now it has emerged to have become the better place for the tourists and travelers. There are many places and things that you can explore in this country in the shape of the salt beaches that are located in the western part of the country which are surrounded by the palm trees. On the other hand, you can also move towards the Guinean forests along with the place which is famous in the name of colobus monkeys. In the last, it has to be mentioned that the tourism places to visit in Sierra Leone are listed below.

Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary, Tiwai:
In case you are the one who considered being the lover of wildlife and remaining engages in the activity of exploring the wildlife of the different parts of the world, this island would certainly be the best place for you and your family. It is the island that would provide you the attractive views of the natural wonders along with the wide range of the fun filled sector around the island. Tiwai Island belongs to the Moa River. You would be able to grab the sight of the many species in the shape of the hippopotamus and so on and forth. Travel Wide Flights offers cheap flights to Freetown, Sierra Leone from United Kingdom.

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Bounce Island, Huntington Beach:
As the matter of the fact, the country of Sierra which is the African nation which offers the wide range of the islands and the forts that are enough to help you connect these things with the slavery era imposed on the African people by the Whites. It has been said that the Bounce Island has been the slave stations controlled and influenced by the British people. The slave traders first visited this place in the year of 1670 that was followed by the beginning of the slavery of the Africans. With this historical background, this place has become the amazing tourist spot for the millions of people.

Sierra leone, Travel, Tourism, Island, Beach

Banana Island:
This is the island which lies around the south western coast of this country in the name of Sierra Leone. This is the large island under whose umbrella there are 3 main islands lie. It is said that the adventurous person and individual would be happy to be getting engage in the activity of the snorkeling along with the diving. On the other hand, the forestation of the Island and the amazing caves has been highly suggested on the part of the people who have already visited this place. Travel Wide Flights is providing cheap Flights to Sierra Leone from UK.

Sierra leone, Travel, Tourism, Island, Beach


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