Vietnam Airlines to launch Ho Chi Minh-QuangNinh domestic connection

The Vietnam Airlines to launch Ho Chi Minh-QuangNinh domestic connection. It has been mentioned that the Vietnam Airlines expressed its new development pertaining to the introduction of the novel flight that would be connecting the city in the name of the Ho Chi Minh with the province named QuangNinh with the help of the Van Don International Airport. It has been disclosed by the concern authorities of the airlines that the new flights would highly likely to be starting from the 30th of December of the year of 2018. The tickets of the new flights would be available at the spots in the shape of the agents and others for the passengers who wants to buy and avail the services of the airline.

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As the matter of the fact, this new development has the potential to offer the increased capability and space needed in an attempt to fulfill the demands and needs of the tourism, financial activity and the most significantly, the trading activity. Not only this, it would also improve the connectivity in the different regions of the country named Vietnam i.e. Southern and the Northern part of the country. It has been mentioned that QuangNinh would highly likely to become the financial hub or the economic zone of the country named as the Vietnam. In an attempt to ensure the preparation of the new development of this flight, the Vietnam Airlines offered the much-needed equipment, facility, airport driven mechanism and the most significantly, the infrastructure along with the labor force. This way, the development would likely to attract the high level of tourists.


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