Qatar Airways Wins Best Airline Of The Year Award

The Qatar airways wins best airline of the year award which has been considered to be the important development influencing the world’s airlines which has been seeking out to win the race in the best possible manner. According to the Skytrax World Airline Awards, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the airlines belonging to the Middle Eastern country of the Qatar could manage to reach to the top slot of the ladder and secured the top position. The best part remains to be the fact the airlines won the highly respectable and the remarkable award along with securing other awards in the shape of the best business class of the world, best seats associated with the business class of the world, and the most significantly, the best airlines of the region in the form of the Middle East.


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Commenting on the winning of the Airlines in the global stage, the Chief Executive officer of the of the Qatar airways, said that the airline is having the proud moment as we have been able to incorporate wide range of the services in order to ensure the world’s best services to the clients, passengers and the tourists belonging to the diverse parts of the world. The airline is driven by the creativity, numerous ranges of the innovations, and the most importantly, the service benchmarks marking the significant influence on the industry in the highly effective manner. You must be familiar with the facts that prevailing after the unveiling of the list of the awards that the Singapore managed to secure the 2nd position that was on the top previously.


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As the matter of the fact, it is imperative to revel to the audience who are equally important stakeholders of the airline industry that the annual awards have been voted on the part of the 20 million tourists and the travelers belonging to the different parts of the world. It was reported by the newspaper that the process and the framework of the voting started from the September of the year of the 2018 and ended on the May 2019. The voting was online in nature and took place with the help of the different languages ranging from the Chinese, English,Russian and so on and forth.


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