Lufthansa-DHL venture AeroLogic to add another 777F

As the matter of the fact, the Lufthansa-DHL venture AeroLogic to add another 777F that would turn out to be the major airline development and step in the airline industry. It has been mentioned that the joint-venture that took place between the firms in the shape of the DHL and the Lufthansa Cargo is named as the Aerologic now. The thing that is decided is the fact that the addition of the 2nd 777 freighter in the coming year would bring the number of the fleet to the 12 that is the massive development and worth-mentioning step in the airline industry of the global village. It is decided that the carrier and airline company would be getting into the activity of the leasing an aircraft from the famous and popular aircraft manufacturing company in the shape of the Boeing in the 3rd quarter of the year.

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In the previous year, it was said on the part of the airline company that it will highly likely to purchase the two 777 aircrafts or the freighters for the purpose of the hub. Along with that, it also leases the other airplane to the company that is famous in the name of the Aerologic. According to the CEO of the airline of the Lufthansa Cargo, it has been expressed that the company is happy to be able to bring forth the novel freighters of the 4 brands towards the operation of the airline in the year that is approaching. Furthermore, he said that the company would ensure to improve the effectiveness and enhancement fleet of the company at the spot of the airport famously known as the Frankfurt Airport. Not only this, the modernizing of the fleet would also take place.


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