Top Resturants In FreeTown


If we say bliss is one of the best restaurants to consult in Free Town for a happy and enjoyable evening meal then it would not be wrong. Each and every food they serve s served with love and prestige you deserve. A wide and fantastic menu of dishes is there s you have a plenty of choice to opt what really your mood is the beverages and cocktails are fantastic that will surely cheer you up at the very first sip. The outdoor terrace setting with beautifully spot lit trees and comfortable seats is equally liked by the visitors as having a hot good meal with the sunset is probably the best combination you can have.


Tessa’s Restaurant is specialized in Sierra Leonean and international cuisines and it surely represents the true taste of the African culture. The food is made by the professionals that are highly skilled with passion that can be seen on your plate clearly. The dining at the Tessa’s restaurant is very friendly and the relaxing environments compel its visitors specially the tourists to be at the place and enjoy the moment. They also cater all types of events and functions with a high standard of service that you surely want at your special occasions.


Delicious breakfast brunch lunch burgers coffees and a lot more you named it and they have it. Crown Express is a complete package restaurant where you can find almost every meal you want to have. The dishes in the  menu like coffee, drinks, pastas, salads, sandwiches, fried chicken, tomato salad, mozzarella salad, fruit salad, beef Shwarma, French fries and macchiato are served with finest divine tastes that are for sure mouth watering.


Really looking for a yummy creamy and cute amalgamates? Here is what you are searching. Gina’s is basically a coffee shop and ice-cream parlor where you can have the best frozen yoghurts, cold coffee, hot coffee, hot chocolate and a lot more. Gina’s endeavors an immense variety of premium quality products with a funky social experience like no other in the whole town. Cheap Flights to FreeTown are an amazing choice to opt for having this gusto experience.


The Resort Restaurant is known for its excellent selection of sea food. Florence’s also known as Franco’s is the most favored and favorite spot for a weekend lobster lunch. The resort is located at about half an hour drive outside the capital on Sierra Leone stunning Peninsula. The sea food served here is delicious of all but the outsized lobster kebabs and the Wayne’s special that is pasta in a creamy lobster sauce is praised by everyone at the top of the list. Everything is just perfect to be there except one; just watch out for falling coconuts.


If you are really looking for a true Asian stuff then you cannot find a place better than Saffron. Once someone reached at the Saffron Indian Restaurant he will surely going to crave for the bold and strong

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