European Commission approves acquisition of joint control over Virgin Atlantic by Air-France-KLM, Delta and Virgin Group

As the matter of the fact, the European commission approves acquisition of joint control over virgin Atlantic by Air-FranceKLM, Delta and Virgin Group. It has been mentioned that the commission gave permission needed to buy the 31% of shared of the airline in the shape of the Virgin Atlantic on the part of the Air FranceKLM. This has been the development that would ensure the collective control on the airline named as the Virgin Atlantic by the Air France and the other many airlines in the form of the Delta and the most significantly, Virgin Group. As the matter of the fact, the Air FranceKLM has been the airline company with the base in the country of the France with being the major part of the Air France. On the other hand, the Delta has been the international airline organization that has the base in the country of the United States of the America.
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As the matter of the fact, the Virgin Group has been considered to be the holding company that is the important and the significant part of the wide range of the companies in the shape of the Virgin Atlantic that has been able to remain quite active in offering the multiple goods and the services to the customers belonging to the diverse parts of the Global village. It has been ensured that the airlines offer the services of the air transport to the clients, customers and the most significantly, for the cargo along with the offering of the repair, maintenance and the overhaul services in the best possible manner. The best part remains to be the fact the commission has the influence over the transaction towards the air transport market that must be filled with the passengers, cargo transport services and the most significantly, overhaul services.


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