Cathay Pacific to Close Cabin Crew Base in Toronto

As the matter of the fact, the Cathay Pacific to close Cabin Crew Base in Toronto has been the significant news that is taking part in the airline industry of the global village and the world. It has been mentioned that the Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd has been able to ensure the end of its cabin crew base that is located in the region and the destination of the Toronto that is the part of its business review policy. This is the development and the step that would highly likely to influence the 120 workers that reside in the city of the Canada in the shape of the Toronto. It could be said to be the fact that it is the Hong Kong driven airlines companies that has been able to get itself engage with the union in an attempt to come up with the great range of options that would be needed and required on the part of the employees.

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The opportunity for the people and the workers who are working in the company would also turn out to be the one in the shape of the location. As the matter of the fact, the company does not have the effective or the possible option to quite the other range of bases that may be located in the other parts of the region of the Hong Kong. One of the important news has been the fact that the airline company has been able to provide the flights needed for the greater range of the destination along with the in-flight meal services with the ultimate aim and goal to attract the millions of the customers in the best possible manner and the effective way. The company has decided to recruit huge range of the cabin crew amounted to 1000 or more.


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