The Serengeti National Park

Tanzania lies in the East of Africa having a coastline with the Indian Ocean. The country is very popular due to the vast wildlife and National parks. If you are eyeing for an adventure in the suburbs and marine life, Tanzania is the rightful destination.
The capital of the country is Dodoma which has several tourist destinations. It has a number luxurious hotels and restaurants where traditional food is served. The guests can travel and enjoy the safari present near the city

The Serengeti National Park - Travel Wide Flights

The Serengeti National Park is a very famous tourist attraction and it offers the visitors with the experience of the Big Five game. This means that the Parks encompasses the five most famous wildlife species which includes Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, and Rhino. The Kilimanjaro National Park is another popular destination having a class of its own. This park features some of the highest mountains of the African Continent and therefore, it is the most visited tourist destination in the country.


Moreover, as the country has a very vast coastline, different marine parks are also available for the visitors with a variety of marine life including coral reefs, dolphins, and whales. The country offers the guests with luxurious resorts and delicious cuisines. TravelWideflights is providing cheap tickets to Tanzania and proper assistance in travel and booking is also provided by our team members.

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