The Opening of a Grand Park Kodhipparu

Maldives has witnessed the opening of a Grand Park named kodhipparu in its Capital. Male is considered as the epitome of beauty with such a wide range of tourist attractions. kodhipparu, claiming to be the most beautiful one, looks to increase that stature of the city as it will be an all-villa luxury resort, the first one in the Indian Ocean. Maldives Witnesses the Opening of a Grand Park.
Maldives itself is considered as a very attractive destination because of its beautiful and exotic beaches. Moreover, the country offers somebreath-taking views which contributes to the reputation of Maldives as a popular tourist destination.
The Resort is present on the North Male Atoll and it is the only resort on the Island. To experience the luxury of kodhipparu, the visitors have to use a speed boat to the island which takes almost 20 minutes.


The Grand Park is managed by the Park Hotel group which has a very high reputation as it has been amongst the award-winning groups of the country. This adds to the reputation of the park as a very well managed and organized venture.
With a wide range of facilities and an incredible experience, the resort is no less than a man-made heaven on the face of the earth. The visitors are likely to be astonished by the mind-boggling scenes that the resort has to offer.
The Khodhipparu comprises of 120 villas that are designed and structured by the most specialist and well known experts in Hospitality. The prime motive of the manufacturers has been to preserve the natural marine life and the culture of the locals for which Maldives is famous for.

The Rooms of the resort have a class of their own. The floor is made up of wood and the walls have a very unique texture that derives a very spontaneous and natural feeling in the guests. This is in line with the objective of keeping the resort as natural as possible. This idea is also projected in the design of the public areas such as the Lobby, restaurants, and the bars of the island.
At the sunset, the beauty of the island speaks for itself. The scene of the sun slowly dropping down the horizon is no less than then the romantic scene of a movie. The guests can have a memorable experience laying back with some inventive brews and special cigars that the resort has to offer.
The Guests have easy access to the delicious seafood and also a wide range of grilled meat dishes that are available on the Island in surplus. The food is different from the usual seafood that you would have tasted as it is specially prepared by the Josper Grill.
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