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Located in the southern Patagonian region, the city of Rio Gallegos is an astonishing city of Argentina serving as an important trade hub of the country. Rich in minerals and resources, the city is known for the operations of coal shipping, wool raising, and oil refining.Situated by the Gallegos River, the population of the city is approximately98,000.The city is famous for a wide a range of amazing museums including the Museo Provincial Padre Jesus Molina, the Museo Malvinas Argentinas, and the Museo de los Pioneros.

The main street of the city is known as Kirchner, named afterthe former president of the country.The Cathedral of Lady of Lujan, situated near to the famous San Martin Square, is a rare spot as it is built with a pink facade from wood.The city is also home to the Minnicelli Art Museum exhibiting some of the most amazing Art works of the local and regional artists. Furthermore, The Father Jesus Molina Regional Museum in Rio Gallegos is popular for the displaying of the ancient fossils, replicas of ancient species such as dinosaurs, and the Articles associated with the Tehuelche Indigenous people.

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