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The city of ComodoRivadavia is located in the southern region of the country. With an amazing landscape and beautiful architecture,the city is home to the country's renowned monuments and museums. The most famous monuments in the city are the Monumento P.C.R and the Monumento "Las Tres Etapas De La Vida". The popular museums located in the cityare known as the hubs of culture and art of the region. The museums in the city include the Museo Ferroportuario and the Museo Nacional del Petroleo.

The city was established in 1901 and is now an important port of the country.Comodorois encircled by the dry hills of the transported oil tanks, wind-energy farms, and the drilling rigs which shows us the important contribution of the city in the economy of the country. With a brilliant transport system, the city is a gateway to the attraction present in the nearby areas of the country. Moreover,Comodoroprovides the locals and the foreigners with upscale boutiques and popular shops known to most of the Patagonians. The Boutiques are located in the Commerce centre on the primary streets of Rivadavia and San Martin.

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