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The city of Neuquen is situated at the convergence of the two main rivers of the Neuquen province—The Limay River and the Neuquen River. The city is an important agriculture centre of the country with an enormous and vast fertile land irrigated by the waters of the same rivers. The rivers of the city are held at high regards because of their massive contribution to the overall economy of Agricultural city.

The Museo National de Bellas Artes is the most popular Museum of the city showcasing the works of the famous local and international artists. The Museum was designed by the well-known Mario Roberto Alvarez and is considered amongst the top museums of the country. The two major specialties of the city include the amazing paleontological sites in the outskirts and the brilliant set of wineries in the surroundings of the city. Furthermore, the city projects a rare wisdom of peace with its beautiful tree-lined boulevards and a structural smidgeon of the tall plazas and market places. Nuequen is one of those cities in Argentina that will provide you with a calm and imperturbable experience in the true sense.

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