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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. Founded in 1899 by the British in East Africa, the city is also the largest in the country. The name of the city is inspired by the Nairobi River as the word Nairobi literally translates into "Cool Water". The City is famous for its eye-catching tourist destinations. The population of the city is over three million. Due to the wide suburbs and sunny weather throughout the year, the city is nick-named as the Green City in the Sun.

During the colonial times, the city was the centre of the tea, coffee, and the sisal industry. This industrial occupation has travelled along time to the contemporary city of Nairobi. Lying on the River Athi, the city has been subject to a substantial number of visits from travelers coming from the top continents around the world. The city is the hub of commercial and cultural activities. International NGO's such as United Nations Environment Program is stationed in Nairobi and the office of the United nations is also established in the city. Nairobi offers its guests with a chance to explore and understand African culture from a diverse and distinct perspective.

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