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Mombasa is a well-known city on the coastline of Kenya. With an estimated population of 1.2 million, the city is the 2nd largest in the country. Mombasa is an important regional tourist destinations as it has a maximum volume of adventure to offer. Mombasa is one of those cities which have an international airport in Kenya. Other than that, the city also has a seaport due to its presence by the coastline.

The city is filled with wide suburbs including the Mombasa islands, North Coast, South Coast, and the Mombasa Mainland. The culture and traditions of the locals are quite inspirational and motivating. Taarab music is renowned and played throughout the city and has a strong presence in the nearby areas as well. Other music styles include the mellow Bango, Mwanzele, and Chakacha. These music styles have a distinguished treat to offer. The nightlife of Mombasa is full of life as there are different musical and cultural events that take place in the city at different occasions all over the year.

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