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The Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania is quite popular when it comes to tourism and recreation. The population of the region exceeds 1.5 million according to the 2012 census. The city is an exciting place to visit as it has some very adventurous safaris and National Parks.

The Kilimanjaro National Park is the most famous park and attracts and huge number of visitors and explorers every year.This park features some of the highest mountains of the African continent and therefore, it is the most visited tourist destination in the country. The Park is situated near the land of Moshi. The Tanzania National Park Authority administers the parks of the region and it has a reputation of providing the visitors with the actual and spontaneous experience from the wildlife and birdlife in the Park. Other tourist destination is the Mount Kilimanjaro which attracts a massive amount of tourism. The name of the region was taken from this mountain.

The Parks of the region have generated a massive amount of revenue through tourism. In 2013, the parks had generated US $51 million. This shows the enormous and exciting adventure and thrill stored in the region. TravelWideFlights is offering very Cheap Flight deals to Kilimanjaro with proper guidance and assistance on the travel plan and the stay in the region. Bookings and reservations are made by our team in the most amazing and luxurious hotels of the city. The Airlines traveling to Kilimanjaro include the Turkish Airlines, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, and Kenya Airways. Contact our team for further queries.

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