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Gambia is a small but popular West African country. Surrounded by Senegal, the nation is home to a collection of attractive destinations forexploration and enjoyment.The country has a narrow coastline with the Atlantic Ocean and is popular for its charming range of landscapes and eco-systems around the central Gambia river. Furthermore, the parks of the country are home to a diverse wildlife and animal species. The capital of the country is Banjul, situated on the point where the Gambia River falls into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Kiang West National Park is considered to be the pride of the city and home to abundant wildlife and natural attractions. In addition to this, the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve is a special destination in the country with an array of wildlife species including hippos, hyenas, leopards, monkeys, and rare birds. The country also has a number of beautiful resort towns encompassing wonderful beaches and some of the most luxury resorts of Africa. Kololi is the most popular resort town with some of the most exotic beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Other prominent destinations in the city include the MacCarthy Island, Gunjur, and Tanji.

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