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The Mexican city of Monterrey is situated in the northeastern part of the country. Monterrey is also the capital of the Nuevo Leon state in Mexico and is known to be an important business hub and industrial center of Mexico. The city is fringed by glorious mountains and with a number of exciting hiking destinations. The city is overlooked by a storied Baroque palace by the name of Palacio del Obispado. The palace is home to a regional museum exhibiting some of the mosthistorical artifacts.

The Macroplaza of Monterrey is an enormous green area of linked squares and is consideredamongst the famous places of the city. The area is home to the amazing Faro de Comercio Tower and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. The parks and gardens of the city include the Fundidora Park, Cerro de Chipinque Park, and the La Estanzuela Natural Park. Furthermore, the city is also known for its wonderful museums and historic destinations including the Museo del Noresto, Mexican History Museums, Museo del Acero Horno 3, and the Barrio Antiguo. The city offers the guests with an amazingly versatile experience of adventure and exploration.Other popular destinations in the city are the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, Loroventura Petrum, and the Cerro de Chipinque.

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