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Situated in the northwestern region of the country, the Mexican state of Durango is one of the sparsely populated regions of the country. The state has a terrain marked by immense forests and deserts. The Sierra Madre Mountains of Durango are an important part of the city's landscape and attract a large number of visitors from all over the country.The capital city of the Durango state is the Victoria de Durango which is known for having a historic centre with baroque buildings. The buildings are well preserved and provide the visitors with massive inspiration.

Victoria de Durango features an amazing range of Museums, gardens, and astonishing archeological sites. The popular museums of the city include the Museo de Las Culturas Populares, Museo Palacio de los Gurza, and the Mining Museum Durango. The city also home to some of the most ancient archeological sites providing the explorers with an amazing experience.The important archeological destinations in the city include the La Ferraria,Zona Arqueologica la Ferraria and Durango Museum of Archeology Ganot-Peschard. Moreover, the ISIMA-UJED Botanical Garden and the Plazuela Baca Ortiz are the pure delight to visit in the city.

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