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Riyadh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city is a financial and commercial hub of the country with a quite modern and sophisticated infrastructure. Located in the centre of the country the city is based on a desert plateau with an extremely hot climate. The city is home to some of the most monumental buildings and skyscrapers including the Kingdom Centre and the Al-Faisaliah Centre. Furthermore, the city also exhibits some of the most ancients and monumental sites of Arabia.

The Masmak Fort situated in the city dates back to 1902 when the Al-Saud family took control of the city. Moreover, the city has several museums, parks, and shopping centers. The popular Museums in the city include National Museum of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz Historic Centre, and the Al Amar Amusement Centre. Riyadh is also home to several parks and recreational sites including the Baijan Amusement Park, Water Splash Park, the Nahda Park, and the Riyadh Zoo. Other prominent destinations worth witnessing in the city include the Salaam Park Riyadh, King Abdullah Park, and the Al Hokair Land.

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