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Madinah is one of the most sacred cities in Saudi Arabia for all the Muslims around the world. Situated in the western part of the country, the city is home to one of the Islam's holiest of Mosques. The Masjid-e-Nabwiis visited by a massive number of adherents from all over the world for the purpose of religious tourism.The mosque is also referred to as the Prophets mosque as the Prophet Muhammad built it himself. The city is also famous for the site of the Green Domes situated near to the Tombs of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

The Qiblatain Mosque of Madinah is another prominent mosque where the Prophet changed the Qibla of the Muslims from Jerusalem to Makkah. The city is also known for thehistoric museums and ancient sites.The prominent museums in the city include the Culture of Taiba Museum, Dar Al Madinah Museum, and the Hejaz Railway Museum. The Historic sites in the city include the Mount Uhud, Uthman Ibn Affan's Well, and the ancient Cave of Bani Haram.

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