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Kolkata is one of the major economic hubs of India. Referred to as the 7th most populous city of the country, Kolkata is famous for the distinct and beautiful architecture constructed in the times of the British Era. The city had been the capital of the British India and was used by the colonists as an important trading post to the country. The city is also one of the most developed cities of the entire continent. With a range of Gardens, Theme Parks, and Museums, the city vibrates with the excitement and thrilling attitudes of the locals and the foreigners.

The city is also rich in culture and traditions. The Art galleries and the cultural festivals celebrated by the people of the city offer the guests with massive amusement and exploration. The prominent museums and historic buildings in the city include the Indian Museum, Tipu Sultan Mosque, and Nehru's Children Museum. The parks of the city are also quite popular and full of adventure. The most visited parks are Nicco Park, Alipore Zoological Gardens, and Millennium Park. In addition, the city has famous Mother House built by Mother Teresa. This site is also the headquarters of the Missionaries of the charity.

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