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Located in the central Indian province of Madhya Pradesh, the city of Bhopal is home to numerous sites and destinations for exploration and tourism. The city is also referred to as one of the greenest cities of the entire country with an amazing landscape and green suburban area. The city also has two of the most beautiful lakes of India—The Upper lake and the Lower lake. Furthermore, the upper is lake is quite famous because it is home to the adventurousVan Vihar National Park on its banks. The parks comprise of a number of Wild animals and large number of tourists visit the park for amusement. The most popular animals found in the park are leopards, lions, and tigers.

Moreover, the city of Bhopal has a number of ancient museums and monumental infrastructure. The State Museum of Bhopal is known all over the country as it comprises of some of the most ancient and landmark fossils, rare sculptures, and historic paintings. Bhopal is also famous because of its temples and mosques. The Taj-ul-Majid, located in Bhopal, is considered as one of the largest mosques in the whole Asian continent. Other prominent tourist destinations include the Remember Bhopal Museum, the Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum, and the Rani Kamlapati Palace.

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