Tap Air Portugal welcomes first Airbus A321LR to fleet

The Tap Air Portugal welcomes first Airbus A321LR to fleet which is considered to be the significant move taken by the company having potential to influence the airline industry in the best possible manner. According to the news revealed by the company, it has been said that the Tap Air Portugal could manage to take the delivery made for the twelve Airbus A321LR aircraft that were the part of its order done earlier with the purpose of some strategic aims and the goals needed for the longer period of time. It is the Lisbon-driven airline company that has been able to be the first carrier to start its operation with the help of the A330neo along with the A321LR fleet in the best possible manner. This aircraft consisting of the total 171 seats out of which 16 belongs to the business class, the 48 seats lie in the category of the eco-premium and the most significantly, the 107 seats are from the economy class.

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As the matter of the fact, this would help the company to have the opportunity to derive the benefits driven by the great deal of the similarity in the operations along with the travelers experiencing the peaceful and the best standards of the comfort level and the relaxing environment. According to the feelings expressed by the CEO of the Tap Air Portugal, it has been mentioned that the A321LR has turned to be the critical element needed for the implementation of the expansion mechanism of the company. Moreover, the company will be able to discover the wide range of the markets in the North America, the region of the South America and so on and forth with the help of the A330neos. On the other hand, it would also enable us to discover the eastern coast associated markets in the shape of the New York and the city named as the Washington.


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