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South America is a sub continent of America. It appends 12 sovereign states and 2 non- sovereign states. It is ranked as the fourth in area and fifth in population among all the continents. Countries including in South America are Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and Paraguay. Brazil is the most thronged country in the continent having more than half of the continent’s population. All these countries have their own antiquity and attractions. While your trip in South America you have a lot to see in there. Some of these most famous visiting points are enlisted below:

south america attractions
First, comes the Iguazu Falls, the emblem of natural beauty. These falls are also known as Iguassu Falls or Iguaçu Falls. The word “Iguazu” originates from the Tupi or Guarani language meaning the “Big Water”. Although these falls were present from a long time ago at the time of Brazilian tribes, officially they were discovered in 1541 when the European Pathfinder and the Spanish Conquistador Alvar Nunez de Vaca came to cross this eye catching beauty. This mesmerizing beauty is one of the most inspiring sights. Iguazu falls are probably the most visited site in Brazil. This 3 km extended chain of breathtaking cascades will make you love it and this view will remain in your memory must for a long time because this discern is the peak of the beauty you ever had in your life. Iguazu Falls are 2.7 km wide and their height lies between 60 meters to 82 meters. These figures made these falls taller and wider than Niagara Falls. Due to its this overloaded natural attraction, the place is alluring its visitors from a long time ago and is still the most notorious visiting spot both in Argentina and In Brazil because these falls are situated on the Argentina – Brazil border. These falls are commencing from Iguazu River. This chain of cascades is now owned by UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The place is so attraction gaining that it has been the part of many movies and is a popular filming point. The visitors required Visa to reach the place as the falls comprise both the countries; Argentina and Brazil. And they are advised to visit the falls in spring or autumn as the summers are too hot and the winters are too cold to visit.
Christ of Redeemer is an example of magnificence located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue is a sculptor of Jesus Christ. This white soapstone statue is considered as an ample symbol of Christianity in South America. The idea of building this statue was given in 1850’s but was rejected. The idea of its making was again given in 1890’s but was again not approved due to the partition of state and church. Later on, the idea was approved in 1900’s and this majestic statue was constructed by French Sculptor Paul Landowska and Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot and also Gheorghe Leonida, a Romanian sculptor who had the honor to made its face. It was reared in 1922 to 1931 and is ranked among the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Christ sculpture is two third in its height to Statue of Liberty, it is 98 feet tall and its arms are stretched in the air about 92 feet having a weight of 635 metric tons. The point of allurement is situated on the Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca National Park taking a great view of Rio city. The statue was somehow damaged in 2010 because of a high thunderstorm but was fixed. Also a few years later, the fingers of its hand were schism but were also repaired then. To bulwark this attraction grabbing site, the government of Brazil took initiative to give it a wash of soapstone and then with metal and because of that it becomes water proofed.

Sacred Valley of Peru is a perfect landscape to visit having breathtaking greenery, farmlands, beautiful turning roads and isolated weaving villages. The valley is closed to the Machu Picchu city which is itself very much eminent about its own historic rich culture and traditions. This ancient city has hosted many tourists throughout the year but in the presence of this city, the Sacred Valley had made its own repute among the visitors. The valley is said to be as the heart land of the Inca Empire. The valley was formed by the Urubamba River or Willkamayu River that means the Sacred River so, the valley was named after its originate place. Incas chose to live over here because of this Valley’s geographical and climatic qualities. This eye catching valley was good enough in its maze production so, was attracted the Incas towards it. The place is also famous from its historical point of view in a sense that the mummies of the Incas, who used to live here long ago, were discovered.
Now comes the most tropical wetland area of the world; Pantanal. The place is situated in Brazilian state Mato Grosso does Sul. The name “Pantanal” is given to this place because of the fact that it is a wetland region. Its summer rains brim over the region while its winters are dry that creates plentiful shoals. The word “Pantanal” is originated from a Portuguese word “patano” meaning wet, swamp, bog or marsh. Pantanal is rambles over an area of about 140,000 to 195,000 sq km. The place is famous not only because of its awesome weather and seasonal benefits but also for its expanded range of species. A wide range of birds species are founded over here. Jaguars, caimans and capybaras make this place more worthy. Horse riding and hiking trails enhances the beauty, charm and allurement of this heavenly beautiful place.
Gold Museum is considered to be as one of the most visitations receiving site in Colombia. The museum is located in Bogota, Colombia. The museum is said to be as Gold Museum because of its displaying of Gold of pre- Colombian times and also other metals like tumbaga work that has the honor of being the highest collection in the world. The museum was established in December, 1939 and from that time uptill now, it is grabbing a prominent position in the tourist attraction list in the country. The museum is the kernel of another museum Muisca golden raft that was founded in Pasca in 1929. The museum was gone through construction since its building and finally in October 2008, it is completely renovated. After the construction, the museum now contains 5 permanent exhibition rooms along with archeological objects. An auditorium room, an interactive room, little time being exhibition rooms, café, restaurants and a store are also there to facilitate the visitors. The Golden museum has a total collection of 55,000 precious masterpieces of art and work. Out of these 55000 pieces, 6000 pieces are on display. The museum has this kind of huge collection of these objects because of its long existence since 1939. Various halls or rooms are specified for different cultures of different regions like calima, tolima, Zenu, Muisca, Uraba, Tairona etc. there is a special room for the culture called “after Columbus”. A specific room called “Profunditation Room” is there with artistic videos of the most worthy pieces of the Museum.
Isla del Sol is also known as the Island of Sun that is situated in the Bolivia country. The Island is at the Southern region of Lake Titicaca. The Island is notorious for its uniqueness and history. It was believed that the sun god was born here that is the reason why the Island is name so. The pathways of the island are not really clean. The Island is rocky, tough, harsh and hilly that makes it a bit difficult to reach over there but the crismatic view of the place will never regret you to come that far. The island has a lot of plantation whereas the eucalyptus trees are in sufficient numbers. Isla del Sol is not really a developed placed and tourism gives a tiny to its economy. Majority of the natives of this island are either indulged in farming or in fishing professions. Tourism related occupations like travel guiding or shopping augmented the subsistence economy. The primeval of this region is very old and ancient. It is discovered that that people lived on this island as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. The amazing infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, elegant tourist spots and traditional communities makes this place a much more worthy. Transportation is not really good in Isla del Sol and vehicles are not present so tourists are restricted to hiking along rocky trails.
Las Lajas Sanctuary is probably the most captivating and beautiful church in Colombia. This church is very much in resemblance to great places in its looks and structure. The church was built in 1916 and 1949 in Gothic Revival. The name Las Lajas had came from the name of sedimentary rock that is look alike to shale. Many religious places were made in Colombia time to time but none of them can meet the standards of Las Lajas because of the fact that it is built at one of the most dangerous location. The church crosses a frosted gorge on the border between Colombia and Ecuador. The church is associated to a very interesting story of a woman and her deaf daughter. It is said that back in 1754, an Amerindian woman and her daughter were caught in a brutal and intense storm. They tried to hide from this heavy storm and in doing so; they found this place as a shelter from the wild weather. While hiding, the woman felt that some external force in calling to them and in addition to their amusement, when they looked up, they saw the reflection of the Virgin Mary on the hills above. At that moment, it is believed that the deaf daughter of that woman was cured and became able to hear and speak. Due to this affluent miraculous story, the place is considered to be as a place where your desires and wishes come true.

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