Gambia: A Purely Enigmatic African Destination | Cheap Flights To Gambia

The African state of Gambia is one of the most popular and attractive African countries featuring an array of exceptional and enigmatic destinations that are proven to be quite mysterious in the literal sense. The country has a plethora of exciting places for the purpose of exploration and offers a unique African experience with numerous wildlife parks, nature reserves, and safaris. In this Article, we have articulated some of the most amazing Gambian attractions that are quite popular in the overall tourism industry of the country. The destination is known to encompass different enigmatic destinations known to feature an amazing range of crocodile pools, indulgent eco-lodges, and handicrafts.

The city of Banjul is the capital of Gambia and an amazing destination for exploration filled with wonderful sites. The city has an amazing colonial history reflected in its wonderful architecture and design. The important colonial buildings of Banjul are known to provide the visitors with an amazing insight into the nation’s history. The National Museum of Gambia is an exceptional place dedicated to the monumental history and culture of Gambia. Therefore, we are offering cheap flights to Banjul with the top international airlines.


Situated near to the coastal region of the country, immersed in adefinitely African landscape, The Kotu Stream of Biljilo Forest Park is a mandatory stop for birders. The site is the prime destination where you can witness up to fifty different species in just two hours. Furthermore, you will find red colobus and giant monitor lizards in the park providing an amazing enigmatic experience. Plentiful forest at the Biljilo Forest Park, just nearby the Senegambia Strip is one of the amazing attractions of the country. If you want to get up close and personal with a crocodile, the Kachikally Pool in Bakau should definitely be visited as the site encompasses crocodile are so tame you can stroke their backs.

Bijilo Forest Park Gambia

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