The Mysterious Destinations of South East Asia

The region of Southeast Asia is a major travel destination for the people looking for a place to spend their all-important vacations. The region is home to some of the world’s most enigmatic and mysterious destinations. If you’re from the United Kingdom and have a knack for exploration and adventure, then get ready as we would prefer you to go through the details of these wondrous places located in the region of Southeast Asia. The countries of the region offer the guests with an exquisite as well as economical travel experience. TravelWideFlights has discovered these must-visit destinations after an immense research and are sure to blow you away.The destinations worth visiting are:

1. Kawah Ijen – Java, Indonesia.
Kawah Ijen is an astonishing place to visit in the South-east Asian country of Indonesia. The region comprises of a sulfuric crater, pitch black and bizarre. The bottom of the crater is filled with blue flames produced by the sulfuric gases erupted from the mouth of the surface. The sight is remarkable and stunning. We can assure you that you would never have witnessed something so bizarre and strange in your whole life span. The Area is a popular sight for hiking, exploration, and research.

Kawah Ijen – Java, Indonesia

2. Wang Saen Suk—Bangkok, Thailand.
The Wang Saen Suk is considered as the top mysterious destination in the entire country. We would describe this place to be Mysterious in the literal meaning of the word. TravelWideFlights has found that the region, just minutes away from the capital, is actually no less mysterious than the haunted areas featured in the horror movies. The area is referred to as the “Buddhist Hell”. The people have gone so far in their dedication to the values and traditions of faith that they have now started using torture instruments on themselves. To an extreme, the people have even chosen different and disgusting punishments as a consequence of sinning which includes being ripped apart by hungry dogs. The goosebumps experienced by the visitor of the area are just not experienced anywhere else on the entire planet. People with stitched faces and un-imaginable body structures are seen everywhere.

Wang Saen Suk—Bangkok, Thailand

3. Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes—Mui Ne, Vietnam.
Mui ne is a popular coastal town located in Vietnam and is visited annually by a plethora of visitors for the purpose of surfing and enjoying the beach. Very few people know that the area has a special phenomenon known as the Fairy Streams. A very thin layer of water is there on the surface, if walked on, gives the appearance as if the person is walking on the surface of a deep-water bed. The more you walk and the further you go; more and more sand dunes start to appear.

Fairy Stream and Sand Dunes—Mui Ne, Vietnam

4. Calauit Safari Park—Palawan Philippines.
The Calauit Safari Park is home to a number of species that are mostly seen in the safaris of Africa. Actually, during the Kenyan war and drought, a large number of African animals were transported to this South-east Asian country. The Park is the best place to witness the magical beauty of Africa whilst staying in the continent of Asia. The most popular Animals preserved in the park are giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, impalas, waterbucks, and wild pigs.

Calauit Safari Park—Palawan Philippines

5. Thaipusam Day – Penang, Malaysia
Situated in the Northwestern part of the country, the Penang is an amazing Island filled with cheap and scrumptious food. The mysterious fact about the Island is that every year the people celebrate a festival in which they are to celebrate by stabbing themselves with certain hooks and spears in the streets. Other horrific activities include piercing the faces through the nose, cheeks, or tongues. These activities are performed in hope of destroying the spirit of the evil demon.

Thaipusam Day – Penang, Malaysia

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