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The island state of Madagascar is one of the most visited African destinations known for the provision of a distinct and distinguished African experience. The country has some of the most amazing forests and landmarks offering an intriguing exposure to the overall history and culture of the island. The country is extremely rich in wildlife and is known to feature a range of rare and precious species including the Lemurs that are found nowhere else on the planet. Furthermore, Madagascar is also famous for its vast rainforests and jungles filled with a plethora of animal and plant life. The capital, Antananarivo is an amazing African destination and we at TravelWideFlights offer the cheapest flights to Antananarivo. The renowned natural parks of the city include

1. Ranomafana National Park
Ranomafana is one of Madagascar’s renowned parks having great significance. Established in the year 1991, following the finding of the golden bamboo lemur in 1986, Ranomafana has served as a perfect model for subsequent parks and reserves in the country and abroad. Ranomafana features a range of accommodations from basic to relatively deluxe. Internet access is usually available. Also, the park is known to provide a true naturalistic experience.

Ranomafana National Park

2. Amber Mountain National Park
The Amber Mountain National park is one of the best attractions for walkers. The site consists of several beautiful trails threading through the marvelous forest. The two trails lead to massive waterfalls named as the Cascade d’Antomboka and Cascade Sacrée. On foot. The tourists have the chance to witness the amazing smaller wildlife. The wildlife features leaf-mimic chameleons, tree boas, leaf-tailed geckos, butterflies and pill millipedes.There are seven amazing lemur species in the park. The park also encompasses the crowned lemur and Sanford’s brown lemur. Furthermore, the hikers can often witness at least one if not two of the diurnal species.

Amber Mountain National Park

3. Lemurs Park.
As the name suggests, the Lemurs park is a sprawling destination for the purpose of witnessing the different species of Lemurs. It is known to encompass a small botanical garden. Moreover, the site also has a lemur reserve covering 5 ha and is located 22 km southwest of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.

Lemurs Park

The parks are known to encompass an exceptional breed of Lemurs residing in the natural reserves and around beautiful waterfalls. Other parks include the Ankarafantsika National Park and Parc Ivoloina. We at TravelWideFlights are offering our customers from the United Kingdom with cheapest flight tickets to Madagascar with the top international airlines of the world including Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, and British Airways.


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