A Delightful Journey with Kenya Airways

After the dissolution of the East African Airways,the Kenya Airways was founded in 1977.Being the flag carrier Airline of Kenya, the Airline has managed to secure a prominent position in the ranks of the most modern international Airlines of the world. The operational hub of the Airline is situated at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with the head office at Embasaki, Nairobi. The international destinations include Athens, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Entebbe, Jeddah, Mauritius, Copenhagen, Khartoum, Karachi, Lusaka, Mogadishu, Rome, Zurich, Seychelles, and Salisbury.


Until April 1995, the Kenya Airways was owned by the government. The Airline was privatized in 1996.The contemporary Airline is a joint venture owned by the Public and Private sector but the greatest shareholder of the Airline is the government of Kenya with a share of approximately 30%. The rest of the Shares are held by different private companies. In 2013, the Kenyan Airways was said to be amongst the leading Sub-Saharan Airlines and was considered to be the fourth largest African Airline in terms of seat capacity.


The Kenya Airways is known for its outstanding services to the passengers traveling from the top continents of the world. The Airline links Africa with the four major continents including Europe, Asia, Oceania, and America. Kenya Airways has a diversified fleet of Aircrafts including the traditional Boeing Aircrafts and the exceptional Douglas DC and Embraer Aircrafts. Moreover, the Airlines has an excellent reputation for its exceptional in-flight services. The flight crew is extremely polite and cooperative. In-flight entertainment is exciting, and TravelWideFlights assures our clients that the travel will not be boring. We are also providing cheap Kenya Airways flight deals to our respected customers. Our team is always ready to provide travel assistance and guidance 24-hours.



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