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Canberra is the capital of Australia. It is considered as the 8th largest city of the country. Situated in the Northern part of Australia, the city is home to a wide range of beautiful and stunning tourist destinations. The national monuments and institutions of the city are some of the most inspirational ones in the entire continent. The popular Artistic institutions around the city include the National Gallery of Australia, The National Museum of Australia,The National Portrait Gallery, and the Australian War Memorial. Another popular destination is the National Dinosaur Museum displaying some of the most amazing pre-historic specimen of the Gold Creek Village near to the city. The museum gives the visitors a good knowledge of evolution with an emphasis on the historic aspect associated with dinosaurs.

The city is also famous for its natural beauty. The parks and gardens in the city provide the visitors with a delightful experience. The popular natural attractions in the city include the Australian National Botanical Gardens, The National Zoo and Aquarium, and The National Rose Garden. Moreover, the city witnesses a number of cultural festivals throughout the year. The most famous cultural festivals in the city include the National Multi-cultural festival, the Enlighten festival, the National Folk Festival, and the Canberra festivals. The festivals offer the guests with a massive amount of funand enjoyment. Canberra truly provides the visitors with the true essence of Australian culture and traditions. TravelWideFlights can assist the clients with reservations and bookings in the most auspicious resorts and hotels in the city.

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