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The city of Sharjah is situated on the Arabian gulf and is one of the most famous cities of the United Arab Emirates. With an amazing display of cultural as well as religiousart and architecture, the city is referred as the country's cultural capital. If you are seeking to discover and explore the pure cultural traditions of the country, we would advise you to visit the beautiful city of Sharjah. The city is home to several heritage sites and museums exhibiting the amazing Emirati traditions and customs. The Sharjah fort is the most popular site which was previously a royal residence in the 19th century. The Fort is now transformed into a museum for the locals and the foreigners to visit and explore.

The city is also famous for the eye-catching arts and calligraphy found in the amazing Art galleries of the city. The Sharjah Art Museum is considered as the centerpiece of the districtas it exhibits some of the most beautiful and amazing Arabian Works from the 18th and 19th century. Furthermore, the shopping malls and building in the city are also worth witnessing. Blue Souk central market is the best place for you to go for shopping as it encompasses over 600 stores. The visitors can also visit the exciting places such as the Sharjah Aquarium filled with an amazing marine life including dolphins, sharks, eels, and rays.

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