The Ultimate Vacations in Zanzibar

There is no better destination like Zanzibar for a trip. It consists of two large islands, Pemba and Ungoja with some other small islands. Zanzibar is a hub of stunning landscapes, perfect climate, brilliant wildlife with flawless resorts and beaches. To make your trip memorable the land of Zanzibar offers relaxed atmosphere, delicious sea food dishes, beautiful beaches and vast coral reefs. Zanzibar is an ultimate destination for sun and beach lover as well as an ideal place for water sports. The land has incredibly beautiful natural beauty which is enhanced by an amazing sunset over the ocean.

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Zanzibar has unlimited number of pristine and scenic beaches which makes their visitors happy with their exotic beauty. On these beaches you will have a chance to enjoy the surfing, peaceful lagoons, get yourself relaxed by the beach, and love the ideal temperature of the beach giving a soothing and refreshing feeling. It is a perfect place for those who wish to spend romantic and loveable time with their sweethearts. Zanzibar is an amazing place for those who are planning to go on a honeymoon or to rejuvenate their boring life.

Marine life:
The land of Zanzibar holds many sea sites where you can try out for fishing or diving during your African trips. Both experienced and inexperienced people can book a boat with an assigned skipper for having an experience in the deeper waters. These boats are well equipped with necessary equipment’s required during fishing. Although you are allowed to enjoy fishing trip whole year around in Zanzibar but there some months such as from November to March when you can make an effort for fishing blue marlins, billfish, striped marlins and black marlins. You can have the chance to snag a yellow tuna if you visit from August to November.

The Rock Restaurant:
People say the beauty of this restaurant cannot be drawn with any pencil or brush. This is in the hands of the Mother Nature to reach to such heights of perfection and present world’s beautiful and unique spot for a restaurant. This restaurant drives its customers not only by its distinctive location but also by its relaxed and humble service of presenting a menu and delivering it in superb way. It has gained immense repute due to its love for cooking and experience in international hospitality. The team of this restaurant combines flavors, local spices and foods from the land or sea giving a twist to any familiar dish.

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Kite surfing
In Zanzibar, the world class kite surfing area is the Paje Beach. It is thought to be wilder than most of other European kite destinations. If you are interested in having water sports like kite surfing or windsurfing then Paje Beach is an ideal place on the island with its sandy spot and side shore winds. Besides this there are other activities on/near the beach including swimming with dolphins, Spa, snorkeling, swimming and Tour of Stone Town. The kite surfing at Paje Beach seems attractive due to the crystalline waters and white sand of the beach.


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