Travel to Accra

The travel to Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is the dream of every passionate traveler who lives in the continent in the shape of the Asia and Europe if not Africa. It has been blessed with the huge variety of the naturally beautiful areas along with the stunning beaches that may include the labadi Beach and the most significantly, Kokrobite beach. These are the travel destinations that are the golden sandy and the sun-kissed beaches along with the significant element in the form of the energetic nightlife. As the matter of the fact, being the metropolitan city of the country named Ghana, it is considered to be the best place for the people who are beach lovers and seek to avail the opportunity to enjoy in the comfortable environment especially with the less amount of crowd of people.



It is the beautiful village which is established on the water which is at the distance of the 90 kilometers from Takoradi. The literal meaning of this travel destination has been the Surface water owing to the fact; it is the village which lies upon the water. The people and the structure of this travel destination has been named in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is worth exploring and visiting whenever you get the chance to visit the city of the Accra. Many of the tourists and travelers love to witness the settlement of the life of the people who live there since long period of time

Kakum National Park.

Kakum National Park:

It is the best national park which offers the wide range of wildlife along with the birdlife that can make you feel good while being surrounded by the natural environment. Never miss the opportunity to see the Kuntan tree which has been the huge and largest trees of the forest canopy of this national park. You would be able to get the bird eye view of the area which is famously the best spot filled with the natural environment in the shape of the rain forest. While 100 feet beyond the sea and ground level, it offers the best chance to grab the sight of the multiple colors of the tropical birds which would surround this amazing national park.

Butre Beach & forts

Butre Beach & forts:

It is the beach which is very popular amongst the foreign travelers and the local inhabitants. This travel destination is filled with the natural beauty with considered to be amongst the amazing beaches of the country named Ghana. It would certainly be the ideal thing to be surrounded by the lonely and shunning beach that is the right place for the purpose of getting the relaxing time and walking with your loves and near and dear ones. As the matter of the fact, it is the beach which is filled with the great deal of golden sand along with the sea breeze.


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