Stunning places you must visit in France

France is a dream destination for those who wish to enjoy their holidays. It offers an adventure somewhere between city, sea and land. It is an amazing place offering beautiful snowcapped mountains and stunning coastlines. The northern part of France embeds ancient history within itself from beautiful castles to delicious food there are many breathtaking places to explore during your trip. The northern part of France is easily accessible from England thus making it easier for those who want a day trip.

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A mountain range called Luberon lies in central province towards the south of France. It has an area of 600 square kilometers with maximum altitude of 1256 meters. It consists of three mountain ranges known as the Lesser Luberon, Eatern Luberon and the Greater Luberon. There are many villages and towns as well as agricultural lands between the valleys at the norther and southern ends. Many tourists visit this area in warm season thus affecting the total number of inhabitants. It offers a comfortable way of life, hiking trails, pleasant villages and towns thus becoming a favorite destination for American and British visitors as well as for French high society.

Verdon Gorge
The Verdon Gorge is considered to be one of the beautiful river canyon in Europe situated in south-eastern France. It is 700 meters deep and 25 kilometers long. The region’s most distinguishing feature is the Verdon River, which is named after its astonishing turquoise-green color. Between the towns of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and Castellane lies the most amazing and beautiful part of the canyon where a ravine has been formed by the river through the limestone mass. The end of the canyon flows into Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon an artificial lake. Many rock climbers get attracted to the high limestone walls which are ideal for hiking.

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Bordeaux is an important port city filled with historic sites, amazing shopping, fine architecture and world class culture and arts scene. It is situated on the River Garonne just half hour inland of the gigantic Atlantic Ocean. The center of the city has almost 350 historic landmarks and structures including the charming bridges such as the Ponte de Pierre and many beautiful churches. They city holds many beautiful plazas including the sparkling Place de la Bourse which attracts people due to its mirror-like effect. A trip to Bordeaux is considered incomplete without visiting the surrounding wine area where the people can get chance to admire the beauty of vineyards and villages.

Montgenevre is situated in the French Alps on the border of France-Italy just above the Col de Montgenevre. The winter here starts at the end of November and finishes in late April. The important activities in Montgenevre are: Alpine Skiing: Lots of lifts and snow-making facilities, Snowboarding: Many wide slopes for the boarders, Slaloming: It holds the slalom course organizing regular competitions,Telemark Skiing: Involves going up the mountain, Snow-shoeing: If you don’t like skiing then there are many beautiful walks across the mountain-sides and Snowmobiling: Octane-fuelled rides through the mountains.


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