Rising fuel prices drive down profits at Qantas Group

As the matter of the fact, the major news that unveiled in the airline industry has remained to be the fact that the rising fuel prices drive down profits at Qantas Group that should be considered to be the big development for the passengers and the travelers across the world. Qantas Group has been able to have the profit before tax with the total amount of the $780 million that has been reduced to the $179 million that was recorded in the previous year in the shape of the year 2018. It has been mentioned to be the fact that the robust and the best performance has been ensuring the group deal driven by the increase in the other costs than the fuel that may include the influence of the weakening of the Australian cost and the most significantly, the huge costs of the commission for the airline companies.

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As the matter of the fact, the CEO of the Qantas Group has been recorded saying and expressing to the news channels that the company is happy to see the business that is better capable of responding towards the problems and the new opportunities that come in its way. This ensures that the group is in the better position to make it effective and the competitive in the airline industry. Furthermore, he added that the Qantas group along with the help of the wide range of the effective network, the company has been able to fulfill the demand levels of the customers, passengers and the travelers belonging to the diverse walks of life. That may also include the continuous improvement in the resources sector in the best possible manner. This would mark the significant change in the airline industry in times to come.


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